Criminal Defense

As a sole practitioner with a deep background in all aspects of criminal defense, Katie is uniquely positioned to assist clients in all phases of a state or federal criminal case. She has the background and experience to see any criminal case through all stages of controversy, ranging from investigation to settlement, trials to appeals, to petitions for habeas corpus. Through her independent practice, she personally handles matters in a client-facing and cost-effective manner.

Beyond her practical experience, Katie's years as a law professor helped her develop excellent communication skills that enable her to explain in clear, concise, non-legalese, the law and strategy of a case to her clients.

Notable results:

-Exonerated client charged as an adult at age 14 for murder after the preliminary examination magistrate granted due process motions that both the client's confession and accuser's statements implicating client were coerced. "No holding" issued and case dismissed.

-Santa Clara County homicide charges dismissed for insufficiency of the evidence after presentation made that established that client was innocent.

-Legal and factual presentation convinced prosecutor of "mistake of fact" and thereby to not file "DUI" charges against a CEO of a local company who accidentally took an "Ambien" when she intended to take thyroid medication. (Preventing charging allowed the company to go public on schedule.)


Whenever a difficult or complex case came in to my office for assignment, Katie Ross was always the first attorney to come to mind.

Her experience as a widely-respected legal educator and brilliant courtroom tactician has earned her the respect and admiration of judges, prosecutors, and fellow defense counsel in cases throughout the Bay area.

More importantly, that experience, in combination with her savvy and winning charm, always enables her to obtain the best possible result in cases of every complexity, whether misdemeanor or felony. She is genuinely one of the best attorneys I have ever seen in a courtroom, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking smart, aggressive, and skillful representation.

– James Gleason, Former Director, Independent Defense Office.

“Katie alleviated our anxiety within minutes of our first meeting. She was there for us at every turn and was successful in having my case go away at the first court appearance. She was always careful about keeping the costs as low as possible.”

– Client Testimonial.


For a short video presentation on criminal defense strategy click here.


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